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Eyewear Business J!NS

The SPA business model keeps JINS eyewear accessible

JINS handles all stages from planning and production to distribution and sales.
This allows us to eliminate the middleman such as paying unnecessary commission and
brand fees. In addition, we can incorporate customers’ feedback into the products,
so we can provide top-quality glasses at affordable prices.

Thin Aspheric Lenses, Manufactured by Industry Leaders

All JINS glasses come standard with thin aspheric lenses from the world’s
best-selling lens manufacturers, including Essilor and Hoya Group. Aspheric lenses offer less
distortion in vision and appearance than traditional spherical lenses, allowing wearers to
enjoy frames of their choice regardless of their prescription.

No extra fees for stronger prescription

While most eyewear brands charge an extra fee for strong prescriptions and thin lenses,
JINS does not charge extra for single vision prescriptions—not even those
with strong myopia or astigmatism

The JINS R&D Lab: The foundation of innovation

In February 2013, JINS opened an R&D lab. This is a unique practice in the global eyewear
industry. By partnering with university professors, medical experts,
and other research companies, and working day and night, we’re pushing boundaries to
shape the future of eyewear.

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