*Number of stores: Stores in Japan (directly-managed stores and franchise stores) as of the end of August 2018, and overseas stores (China, North America and Taiwan) as of the end of June 2018

* Sales figures are for directly operated stores in Japan.

* Net sales do not include non-consolidated subsidiary or franchise store sales.

July 1988 Establishment of JIN Ltd. (currently JINS Inc.) in Maebashi-shi, Gunma
July 1991 Reorganization as JIN CO., LTD. (currently JINS Inc.)
April 2001 Opening of JINS Tenjin Store, the first JINS store,
marking entry into eyewear business
August 2006 Listing on the Hercules market (currently JASDAQ) of
the Osaka Stock Exchange
September 2007 Opening of JIN ONLINE SHOP
August 2008 Transfer of head office function to Kita-Aoyama to establish
the Tokyo Head Office
May 2009 Introduction of “NEW All-in-One Price,” a breakthrough pricing system
that charges no extra fees for lenses
September 2009 Launch of first series of strategic product “Air frame®”
December 2010 Opening of first overseas store “JINS Yamada Denki Shenyang Store”
in Shenyang,
Liaoning Province, China, marking entry into the overseas market
March 2011 Opening of “Spectre JINS Roppongi Hills Store”, its first store specializing
in sunglasses
June 2011 Participation in the “World Entrepreneur of The Year 2011 Awards” as Japanese representative
September 2011 Launch of “JINS PC®” and “JINS MOISTURE®” as the first of its functional eyewear protect series
November 2012 Accumulated sales of “JINS PC®” tops 1 million units
November 2012 Ranked 6th in Top 30 Hit Products of 2012 by Nikkei Trendy
December 2012 “JINS PC Project Team” receives the Excellence Award in the general corporation category of BEST TEAM OF THE YEAR 2012
December 2012 Ranked as Nishi-Maegashira in Hit Products of 2012 by Nikkei MJ
April 2013 The world's first drive-thru glasses store! Power Mall Maebashi Minami JINS store opened
May 2013 Opening of “JINS Kichijoji Dia-Gai Store” equipped with an automatic lens laboratory
May 2013 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 2013 Opening of “JINS Kichijoji Dia-Gai Store” equipped with an automatic lens laboratory
May 2013 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
July 2014 Transfer of head office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Fujimi
April 2015 Launch of new brand vision "Magnify Life"
April 2015 Opening of 50th store in China
August 2015 Grand opening of our first U.S. store, JINS Union Square
November 2015 Launch of JINS MEME
November 2015 Opening of JINS Eslite Station store, the first store, in Taiwan
November 2015 Renaming of "JINS PC" to "JINS SCREEN"
September 2016 Opening of three new stores in North America
September 2016 Opening of 10th store in Taiwan
November 2016 Total sales of JINS PC® exceeds seven million units
April 2017 Changed trading name to JINS Inc.
May 2017 Opened our flagship store: JINS Shibuya
May 2017 Opened our 100th store in China
December 2017 Opening of "Think lab," which aims to be the world's most concentration-conducive workspace
April 2018 Opening of JINS SM Aura Premier, the first franchise store in the Philippines
May 2018 Establishment of JINS Japan Co., Ltd.
May 2018 Opened 500th store worldwide
July 2018 Opening of J of JINS high-end store in Roppongi Hills
September 2018 Opening of JINS Hong Kong apm, the first store in Hong Kong
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