Our Product

Our Product


JINS has moved beyond the traditional image of eyeglasses as “stiff
and heavy,” pioneering the creation of truly comfortable lightweight eyewear.


Our Airframes have been optimized for function and aesthetics, as they are designed with
comfort, weight, safety, style, and quality in mind. With the launch of Airframes,
we even established a new standard for lightweight glasses in Japan. On top of that,
sales volume for Airframes totaled over 14 million units in the course of 6 years.
※Cumulative sales from the launch in September 2009 to end of january 2017.


“Protecting your eye health.” “Clarity of vision.” These concerns
resonate with modern eyeglass wearers,
and our new product lines are designed to meet these needs.


JINS SCREEN is the renewed version of JINS PC, a mega hit product which has sold over
7 million units. While maintaining the same high-level functionality and quality, we have
continued our joint-research with a wide range of medical specialists and R&D institutions,
to offer refined, user-friendly, three product lines.
※Cumulative sales from the launch in September 2011 to end of July 2016.


With JINS MEME, we have shifted our perspective from “looking out”
to “looking within.” We have taken on the challenge of creating a new market
for “sensing eyewear,” taking functional eyewear to a new level.

JINS MEME is a pair of sensing eyewear that utilizes 3 point electrooculography
and a 6-axis (acceleration and gyro) sensors installed inside the frame to enable visualization
of the physical and mental state, such as concentration, drowsiness, and walking balance.
With applications for running and driving already available, it holds future potential of
development into the medical field. It’s also drawing worldwide attention as a completely
new tool for expanding human functionality – a “BETTER ME”.

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