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Bringing people a bright future through eyewear

Since entering the eyewear market in 2001, JINS has been changing the way you buy eyewear by making the experience more enjoyable and fashionable, not cumbersome. In 2009, we challenged the conventional wisdom in pricing and services by introducing the “No Additional Charge Lenses” business model. At the same time, we proposed the value of lightweight glasses through the launch of “Air Frame”, offering greater comfort in wearing glasses every day. In 2011, we also created a new market for “functional eyewear” to support people who do not require vision correction. The launch of “JINS PC (now JINS SCREEN※1)” had a significant impact on the eyewear industry. And in autumn 2015, through the introduction of “JINS MEME,” the world’s first eyewear that lets you see yourself, we are taking on the challenge of transforming people’s lifestyles.

What drives us to keep moving forward? It’s all reflected in our vision to “Magnify Life.” We carry out our corporate activities every day with a commitment to contribute to having people connected with JINS live more fulfilling and enriched lives.

Putting on your favorite eyewear can make you like yourself a little more, feel motivated to try a new sport, go ahead and ask someone out, or realize that the blue sky looks more beautiful today. We hope to add extra excitement to the various moments you encounter in life and take part in making every stage of your life brighter.

We are not just talking about the market in Japan. Having established an SPA (Specialty Store Retailer of private label apparel) business model in the eyewear industry, an unprecedented effort in this sector worldwide, JINS attracted attention at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Award※2 in which it attended as a Japanese representative. We are seeing strong possibilities of expanding our business globally. Whether people have poor vision or not, JINS products and services assist people in Japan, China, and the U.S. and around the world live comfortable, fulfilling lives no matter where they live in the world, not just in the countries where we have stores, Japan, China and the U.S.; this is the future we want to realize. When we make this vision come true, that’s when we will know we have become the most popular eyewear company in the world.

The first eyeglasses were invented in Italy some 700 years ago. Since then, eyeglasses have stood by people, provided people with clearer vision and supported their everyday living. We will continue to pursue ways through which eyewear can be a significant part of our lives, change history and propose new experience and value with eyewear.

August 2018
Hitoshi Tanaka, Founder & CEO

*1 JINS PC has been reborn as JINS SCREEN.
*2 A program to support entrepreneurs worldwide. The global awards program began in 2001, with participation by representatives from countries around the world to share their activities as entrepreneurs and be recognized for their foresight, leadership, social contribution and other outstanding achievements. Past award winners include Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Starbucks Coffee’s Howard Schultz among many other founders of global companies.

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