What makes JINS continue to grow

Various forms of innovation that overturn the conventional wisdom of the industry

In 2009 when a pair of eyeglasses sold on the market at an average price of \20,000 to \30,000, JINS launched high-quality eyewear at overwhelmingly low prices starting from \4,900 plus tax by adopting its proprietary SPA method, breaking the conventional market standard in the eyewear industry. JINS also reformed the traditional interlinked pricing structure that charged additional variable fees for lenses on top of the frame price, and established “NEW All-in-One Price,” a simple pricing system where the advertised price is the price customers pay. Under this system, no additional fee※1 is charged regardless of the power of the lens, which contributes to having customers feel secure in making their purchases.

In 2011, we began distributing “functional eyewear,” a series of eyeglasses with the feature “to protect your eyes and help you see better,” which made eyewear beneficial even for people who did not require eyeglasses for vision correction. As of November 15, 2015 we have sold over 6 million pairs of JINS PC (now JINS SCREEN※2) – eyewear designed for PC users – after they were first introduced in 2011, establishing a new practice and simultaneously developing a new eyewear market for eyeglasses that offer functions other than vision correction. We believe that by continuing to develop such new forms of innovation that challenge conventional wisdom, we can expand the Japanese eyewear market, which currently accounts for \400 billion, to the \1 trillion-level.

Furthermore, we will leverage our innovative business model based on the SPA method, which is also unique globally, to step up our business activities worldwide. Starting in China, the US and Taiwan, where our branches are already expanding, the world is waiting for JINS high quality yet reasonably priced glasses.

※1 Excluding special processing for bifocal and colored lenses.
※2 JINS PC has been reborn as JINS SCREEN.

Operating on the corporate principle of contributing to
“maximizing shareholder value”

We believe JINS can maximize shareholder value all the more given our track record in continuing to achieve growth by creating various forms of innovation and introducing new standards in the eyewear industry.

We strive to be a company that can satisfy all of our customers through continuously providing products and services full of innovation and surprises. We want to be a brand that contributes to enhancing the quality of life of people in Japan and around the world with eyewear. We also want our workplaces to offer the best operating environment and opportunities for all our employees and their families. All of these objectives reflect JINS’ corporate philosophy that recognizes the significance of maximizing shareholder value.

Unlimited possibilities await JINS, a firm that has continued to expand its human and financial resources and managed to achieve growth at an unusually high pace. Please join us in creating the future of JINS, which will continue to move on a growth path. We appreciate the continued support of our shareholders as we strive to be the world’s No. 1 eyewear company.

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