I have known JINS for five years. When I first discovered the brand, I thought, We need this in the U.S! The concept is very innovative and the affordable pricing is unheard of. Moreover, after visiting the JINS store in Japan, I found their customer service too good to be true. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be a part of the JINS team.

What are some of your main

JINS values customer satisfaction above all else, and everything we do here is based around the goal of providing an outstanding customer experience. In addition to ensuring that, my other responsibilities include restocking frames and lenses, and making glasses.

How would you define your
experience thus far?

I started working at JINS after graduating from college. JINS has taught me all the skills I need for work, and all the people skills I need for life. Watching my team and myself grow every day excites me on many different levels. Our staff members are very energetic and outgoing. I would describe our team as a family.

What would you like to
accomplish at JINS?

I am very glad that JINS finally launched in the U.S. I hope that my dedication to JINS will help the company grow bigger and stronger, while also enabling it to spread a positive and inspiring message to all its customers.

What would you like to say to
prospective JINS employees?

JINS is a young yet innovative company with endless potential. It will continue to grow and flourish in the ophthalmic industry while staying true to its nature as affordable and fashion-forward. The work atmosphere is very cheerful and lively, and I am grateful to have started my career with such a company. If you are progressive, inspiring and honest like us, please join JINS!