WELCOME TO JINS!- Service Specialist



JINS attracted me with its innovative, yet simplistic concept. The idea of getting top quality glasses within 30 minutes that are stylish, trendy, and affordable is unheard of in America. Now that it’s finally here, I love that JINS is going above and beyond for their customers and staff as well. JINS is true to their values and ideals as an inpsiring, honest, and innovative company. I’m excited that I am a part of this growing company.

What are some of your main

As a service specialist, my main responsibility is to provide an outstanding customer experience by recommending frames and lenses that are suited to the customer’s prescription and lifestyle. I make sure that our customers are well informed about our products and operations. I am also responsible for the comfort and satisfaction the customers have while wearing their JINS glasses.

How would you define your
experience thus far?

I started off as JINS’ service specialist, but JINS encouraged me to pursue and become a registered optician. It shows how dedicated JINS is to their staff members. I love and enjoy working at JINS. And so far, I always feel rewarded interacting with my customers and working with my co-workers, manager, and HQ team. JINS is like a big family and the workplace is very homely, which is why I always look forward coming to work.

What would you like to
accomplish at JINS?

I want to accomplish many things at JINS. One of those is to become an inspiring and dependable employee and leader. JINS provides me the necessary tools to be that employee and still encourages me to do better at it. I’ve seen and experienced how JINS started in San Francisco, and being a part of this team, I also hope for JINS’ vision to be realized – to be the best and become well known in the U.S.

What would you like to say to
prospective JINS employees?

It is fulfilling to be a part of a growing company that is making a mark in the optical industry, and one where you can challenge yourself for it to become the best! If you’re looking for a place to grow and succeed, then give JINS a try. There’s always something to learn and new challenges to face. JINS is a company that is growing and wants to grow with you. Take a look and experience how awesome it is to work at an inspiring, honest, and innovative workplace.

Service Specialist