WELCOME TO JINS!- Store Manager


At the heart of every good team is a great leader. As a JINS store manager, we will count on you to make executive decisions and oversee daily store operations. If you are friendly, organized, and decisive, this is the position for you, as you will work with a diverse team and customer base. We believe that good leaders are those who not only have a passion for business and customer service, but also understand how to foster each individual team member’s strengths.
Our store management program is designed with your professional growth in mind: we will provide you the resources to expand your knowledge of retail strategy and employee supervision because we want to see you succeed.

Assistant Store Manager
As an assistant store manager, you will be on the fast-track to becoming a store manager. You will have the support of your team, and you will be responsible for ensuring smooth operations and quality customer experiences. Furthermore, you will have the unique opportunity to work in a collaborative atmosphere alongside the store manager, who will counsel and give you all the tools to become an awesome leader. Learn to train new hires, create shift schedules, make eyewear, and manage an entire store team!