WELCOME TO JINS!- Store Manager


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The JINS brand was founded in 2001 in Japan, and we currently have more than 340 stores in Japan and China. As of right now, JINS is the largest eyewear retailer by voume in Japan. In April 2015, we opened our first U.S. flagship store in San Francisco with the vision of helping Bay Area residents find multiple pairs for multiple occasions.

Because of our emphasis on customer service and quality, the JINS brand is beloved across Asia. We hope that we can deliver even better products and service in San Francisco.

In the U.S., we are currently working toward expanding our store base so that we can deliver JINS’ values all across the country. To accomplish this, we’d like to work with people who can appreciate the culture of JINS, which centers around three principles:

1. Honesty: Be honest with our customers, colleagues and other store staff
2. Inspiring: Deliver a superb pair of glasses to our customers and work together happily with our team
3. Innovative: Challenge ourselves and go beyond our limits and push the boundaries of the eyewear industry

We would like to share our dream with as many people as we can and change the standards of the eyewear industry, but we need your help to do that.

We look forward to working with you to make this beautiful vision a reality!


Mario Arai