Magnify Life

Our vision at JINS is to encourage people to
change the way they view the world –
to enrich their lives and unlock new experiences.
That’s why we look for the unseen,
create new standards, and think beyond glasses –
to Magnify Life.

In 2001, the JINS brand was founded in Japan and has since expanded to become a global leader in crafting stylish, high-quality, and innovative eyewear at affordable prices. With over 340 retail locations in Japan and China, JINS opened its first U.S. flagship store in San Francisco in April 2015.

At the San Francisco location, customers receive their prescription eyewear in minutes as opposed to weeks thanks to the flagship store’s onsite lens-edging robot, KANNA.

Furthermore, JINS continues to pioneer the creation of functional eyeglasses that see beyond simple vision correction. In August 2015, JINS launched JINS SCREEN glasses, which protect the eyes from digital eye strain by blocking the blue light emitted from electronic devices.