JINS Opens API Specification for JINS MEME Smart Eyewear; Launches Idea Pitch Contest for Mobile App Developers

Launches “JINS MEME DEVELOPER IDEA PITCH CONTEST,” open to all developers in the U.S. and Japan with creative ideas. The top 300 winning ideas will receive the beta version of JINS MEME.

Tokyo 7th Jan 2015 – JINS Co.,Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: Hitoshi Tanaka, President) announced today that it will officially open the API specification for its groundbreaking JINS MEME smart eyewear to the mobile app developer community. In conjunction, JINS is launching the “JINS MEME DEVELOPER IDEA PITCH CONTEST”, a contest open to people from any industry in the U.S. and Japan to generate creative ideas to expand research and development for applications for “JINS MEME”, which will be released in autumn 2015.


Opening up JINS MEME Data for Mobile App Developers

JINS MEME is the world’s first smart sensing eyewear developed under the concept to “let you see yourself,” using bio-sensing technology to detect tiny changes in eye and body movements so you can monitor your body for better safety, wellness and health. While looking just like fashionable eyewear, JINS MEME has patented three-point electroculography (EOG) and six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that capture unique biodata (DEEP DATA) such as sleepiness, focus level and body balance, which was not possible with conventional wearable devices.
JINS MEME will make its API (Application Programming Interface) data available on the JINS MEME Developers Site (

  • The API will provide two different modes: real-time and standard modes to support various kinds of applications. The data acquired and sent to smartphones is different depending on which mode you choose, though you can also switch between modes.
  • The SDK (Software Development Kit) will be available at the end of March 2015.

<Real-time Mode (Up to 26.67Hz depending on the transmission speed between JINS MEME and smartphone)>

Real-time Mode can be used for “instant” data acquisition and analysis i.e. to understand your movement during running and workouts or to use eye movement as a controller for entertainment or gaming purposes.

Data on Eyes Data on Body Data on JINS MEME
  • Eye movement
  • Blinks
  • Blink speed (sec)
  • Blink strength
  • Posture angle
  • Walking pace
  • Acceleration
  • Data detection error and fit check to ensure sensors are properly aligned on the face
  • Battery usage

<Standard Mode (Sent to smartphone every minute. Collected data for up to 16 hours can be stored within JINS MEME even without connection to a smartphone)>

Standard mode can be used to capture data acquisition and analysis over longer time periods i.e. for activity tracking and life-logging throughout a day.

Data on Eyes Data on Body Data on JINS MEME
  • Number of blinks (per min)
  • Number of blinks (per sec)
  • Average blink speed (per min)
  • Average blink strength (per min)
  • Average intervals between blinks
  • Total number of eye movements (Right and Left, per min)
  • Total number of eye movements (Up and Down, per min)
  • Number of steps
  • Body sway while walking (up / down)
  • Body sway while walking (right / left and forward / backward)
  • Step cycle (Right foot and Left foot)
  • Sleepiness
  • Focus level
  • Data detection error and fit check to ensure sensors are properly aligned on the face
  • Battery usage

Video for developers: find out what kind of data JINS MEME can deliver.

Video for developers images

There is a saying that, “the eyes speak louder than words.” JINS believes that eye and head movement hold the promise of revealing important biological information. This video aims to help developers understand the world of deep data that can be accessed via JINS MEME.

JINS MEME DEVELOPER IDEA PITCH CONTEST to accelerate open innovation.

The “Idea Pitch Contest” welcomes creative ideas for smart phone applications for JINS MEME. Details below:


To enter, you will need to submit a presentation (5 pages max) that incorporates your smartphone app idea through the JINS MEME Developers site. We will not accept any physical submissions. The contest will be judged during three rounds held between January 6th and mid-March 2015. The top 300 winning ideas will receive the beta version of JINS MEME.

Judging Criteria:

  • Concept: is your idea something that is of need today in this world?
  • Relevance: we are looking for ideas that are relevant and can be implemented today. Explain how your idea could be implemented.
  • Originality: we are looking for unique and original ideas. Show why your idea is unique.

How to enter

Entrant must be qualified with the conditions below. Please register yourself on JINS MEME Developers site and proceed to presentation submission.

Entry qualifications & rules

  • Developers must be a resident in Japan or the U.S.
  • Entries are accepted regardless of age, qualification or profession
  • Entries must be an original idea that has not been submitted for other contests
  • Size of the file should be 10MB maximum
  • One submission per entrant (changes can be made while entry period)
  • Presentation sheet should be 5 pages maximum
  • Presentation accepted in the following formats: ppt, pptx, doc, docx, pdf
  • We will not accept inquiries on submission confirmation
  • Submissions will not be returned

Application Period

Round 1: January 6th – 30th, 2015
Round 2: Mid February 2015 (TBD)
Round 3: Mid March 2015 (TBD)
The results will be announced on the JINS MEME site. Winners will receive the beta version of JINS MEME.

Contact for this Release

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