Japan’s Leading Eyewear Brand JINS Sets for U.S. Expansion with New Flagship Store in San Francisco

JINS Eyewear Fuses Style, Quality and Affordability with
Unprecedented In-Store Shopping Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21, 2015

Tokyo-based eyewear brand, JINS, announced today plans to expand into the U.S. market with the opening of its first U.S. flagship store in San Francisco in Spring 2015. JINS is an early innovator in creating high-quality, fashion-forward prescription and nonprescription eyewear at affordable prices. Since opening its first store in 2001, JINS has rapidly grown to become Japan’s largest eyewear retailer by volume, and today, operates more than 300 retail locations across Japan and China. JINS’ U.S. flagship store, located at 151 Powell Street in Union Square, will offer more than 4,900 square feet of shopping space and hold one of the most expansive selections of eyeglasses in the city.

Quality: Japanese Craftsmanship in Every Pair

JINS pioneered the concept of affordable, high-quality eyewear nearly a decade ago in Japan, and has always believed that quality should never be delivered with an added surcharge for consumers. Every pair of JINS glasses is created with the passion and spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, using only the best materials, and metal frame parts sourced exclusively from Japan.

Speed: Glasses in Minutes vs. Weeks

JINS is reinventing the in-store eyewear shopping experience with unprecedented simplicity and speed. At the JINS store, customers can browse, purchase and receive their prescription eyewear with custom fitting all in the same visit. Customers no longer have to wait weeks to receive their glasses in the mail because all JINS high-quality aspheric prescription lenses are assembled in-store via JINS’ Kanna lens lab. At JINS, shoppers can receive their glasses from start to finish in approximately 30 minutes.

Design: 1,200 Ways to Express Your Style

All of JINS glasses are artfully designed by a team of designers in Tokyo. With styles ranging from classic to modern and colorful, JINS glasses complement a wide range of tastes and personalities. The JINS store will house more than 1,200 different styles, and because JINS glasses are accessibly priced from $60-120, including premium lenses, style-conscious consumers can collect multiple pairs for multiple occasions.

Innovation: Technology beyond Vision Correction

JINS is infatuated with challenging the conventional notion of eyewear as strictly for vision correction. By embracing technology, JINS is disrupting the eyewear market with unique innovations that are paving the way for a new class of smart eyewear to enhance people’s lives. In Dec. 2014, JINS announced that it will bring JINS MEME, a new class of smart eyewear, to the U.S. market in Autumn 2015. JINS MEME is the first eyewear to use eye-tracking and bio-sensing technology to detect tiny changes in eye and body movements to monitor the body for better safety, wellness and health (see press release: “Japan’s Leading Eyewear Brand JINS Introduces MEME Smart Eyewear to U.S. Market”).

“We chose the Bay Area as our first stop in the U.S. because it perfectly reflects JINS’ progressive spirit and passion for innovation,” said Shinsuke Tomita, president of JINS Eyewear US, Inc. “With the opening of the San Francisco store, we hope to change the way people think about shopping for glasses in the U.S. Similar to how we shop for shoes or jewelry, we want our customers to explore countless designs and color options without being limited by the unnecessary complexities and inflated prices that are still the norm in the eyewear industry today.”

U.S. E-Commerce Site Also Set to Launch

Complementing its unique in-store experience, JINS will also launch its U.S. e-commerce site in Spring 2015. Customers nationwide will be able to purchase JINS eyewear online with an existing prescription, and San Francisco/Bay Area residents will have the opportunity to purchase their glasses online and pick them up in the store on the same day.

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About JINS

In 2001, the JINS brand was founded in Japan and has since expanded to become a global leader in crafting stylish, high-quality, and innovative eyewear at affordable prices. With over 300 retail locations in Japan and China, JINS is set to open its first U.S. store in San Francisco in Spring 2015. The company is committed to providing highly personalized, honest service with a remarkable level of speed and convenience to make the eyeglass purchasing experience enjoyable. For the first time, customers will be able to receive their custom prescription eyewear in minutes as opposed to weeks with the flagship store’s “Kanna” onsite lens lab. Featuring a collection of over 1,200 fashionable styles, JINS frames are designed in Tokyo with every face in mind. Furthermore, JINS continues to pioneer the creation of functional eyeglasses that see beyond simple vision correction: a new class of eyewear that serves a purpose. As part of its vision to enrich lives, JINS has explored new and exciting uses for eyeglasses as a means to improve safety, wellness, and health.

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