JINS MEME Releases SDK for Free


Tokyo April 7, 2015 – JIN Co.,Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Hitoshi Tanaka, President) will release its software development kit (SDK) for free to application developers so they can find a practical method to utilize the sensing technology of JINS MEME.

* SDK: Software Development Kit
Hello Developers

The JINS MEME Developers Site will offer 1) specifications and detailed documents on JINS MEME API, 2) a space for developers to build a network and communicate amongst themselves, and 3) updated information on JINS MEME development. Furthermore, the JINS MEME SDK can be downloaded for free and contains sample projects made for JINS MEME app development.

“JINS MEME DEVELOPER IDEA PITCH CONTEST” Round 2 is Now Open for Entry with an Opportunity to Win the Beta version of JINS MEME

The “JINS MEME DEVELOPER IDEA PITCH CONTEST” welcomes developers’ innovative ideas to expand the development of JINS MEME applications. Ideas having passed through a challenging selection process will be awarded with a free beta version of JINS MEME. Following the recent success of Round 1, which discovered many outstanding ideas, the contest will launch Round 2 on April 7th, 2015. This will be a rare opportunity for developers to become involved in JINS MEME development before the official launch of the product expected in Fall 2015.


Title: Leave ME Alone
Name: Bono (Hardware & Web Engineer)
Application Features:

By using JINS MEME in conjunction with a smartphone, Peripatos can monitor a user’s concentration and track the time and place at which the user was focused or unfocused. This app can help a user find the place at which his or her concentration is best, bringing out his/her best performance. Peripatos can also help you when you are wondering “What was the name of that café I went to? It was so easy to concentrate there!” or “My friend recommended I go to this café but would it suit my work style?” The app is designed for business travelers, people who prefer to work in cafes, students preparing for exams, and people wishing to find places they can concentrate besides the office.

Leave ME Alone

Title: Peripatos
Name: oimou (Engineer)
Application Features:

This app is designed for team development and will consolidate each member’s “concentration”. Everyone in the team will wear JINS MEME and it will constantly measure each member’s concentration. The data will be sent to a data center instantly through Bluetooth. When someone in the team is struggling to concentrate, other members can send messages to his/her PC or smartphone to take some rest. These messages can be varied according to the time of day. For example, around noon the message would be: “It’s lunch time. Shall we go to the Sushi restaurant that opened yesterday? And we can also invite Mr. X?” This will help each member remember to take a break when they need one and it will even boost the team’s overall performance. This app is an ideal tool for a group of developers.

* See the full winning ideas on Developers Site.



JINS MEME is the world’s first sensing eyewear developed under the concept of “seeing yourself”. While maintaining the shape of standard eyewear, it has 3-point electrooculography sensors (patented) to capture unique biodata (DEEP DATA) such as sleepiness and attention. In addition, the six-axis (accelerometer and gyroscope) sensors on one of the earpieces capture the slightest change in a user’s body axis. As one may say, “the eyes speak louder than words.” Your eyes capture a vast amount of data. The data has the potential to be applied to fields such as medicine and education to create new ways of finding and analyzing information. In October 2014, JINS MEME won the “Innovative Technologies 2014 Juror’s Prize” run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its potential in bringing new development in the field of life-science. In January 2015 at CES, the tech outlet Digital Trends awarded JINS MEME with the “Top Tech of CES Awards” in the Wearables category.
With the aim of making JINS MEME a better wearable device, JINS began a joint research project with some of Japan’s leading companies. In the automotive field, JIN partnered with the largest auto parts manufacturer, Denso, to launch a research initiative for driver safety using electrooculography sensors. In the healthcare field, JIN and Omron Healthcare joined together to develop scalable products that synchronize with JINS MEME to deliver more comprehensive healthcare services. JINS MEME will seek out further research and development opportunities in various fields with joint efforts between industry and academia.


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