JINS Launches Performance Lenses, which Improve Visual Acuity

Performance lenses


SAN FRANCISCO, December 16

JINS Eyewear today announced the launch of Performance Lenses, a new category of lenses designed to improve visual acuity when performing specific activities. These lenses reduce glare, increase contrast and help the user to improve vision. Customers also have the option to add a prescription to these lenses.

“This is a leap in lens evolution technology. We want consumers to be able to enjoy various activities with these lenses,” said Shunsuke Shioya, the R&D Manager of JINS.

There are six different performance lenses, which are as follows:

Drive Day
Stay safe when driving by reducing glare and emphasizing reds

Without changing nature’s colors, the reds of stop signs and traffic lights are emphasized so you can focus on signals that keep you safe without sacrificing the things you want to see. Specially adapted for driving, these lenses filter just enough sunlight to prevent glare but not so much that normal vision is disrupted.

Drive Nigh
Prevent accidents by reducing the blinding brightness from oncoming headlights

Between bothersome headlights and blue light-emitting streetlamps, it’s no wonder driving at night can be dangerous. These lenses cut the shorter wavelengths of blue light that cause blinding glare. They also give streetlights a yellow tint so their light is less irritating and you can see more clearly.

Shave strokes, especially when putting on the green

Golf lenses enhance visual detail and boost depth perception so you can clearly see the fringe and putting line. Best for bright, sunny days, these lenses will give you all the visual information you need to read the break and putt like a pro.

Road Day
Focus on the exhilaration of your run or ride without distracting glare

Road lenses minimize harsh light and glare without disrupting normal vision. Best for runners and cyclists, these lenses let you take comfort in knowing that your depth perception is improved to keep you safe from cracks and potholes.

Road Night
Run or ride without being bothered by bright lights and uneven terrain

Running and cycling at night can be dangerous. The large discrepancy in brightness between overly-bright headlights and dimly lit roads makes it especially difficult to see potholes and other obstructions. That’s why these lenses are developed to keep your perception of the surrounding light even, despite the actual conditions.

Easily find your best line by boosting contrast and depth perception

The endorphin rush of running or riding on slippery rock gardens and sand is unlike any other, but staying safe is just as important. Never again will loose gravel compromise your safety or keep you from shredding. Thanks to increased visual acuity, you’ll spot every variation in terrain and be left to enjoy the feeling of the hero dirt beneath you.

About JINS

JINS is a Japanese eyewear company, which was founded in 2001. The brand has 350 retail locations in Japan, China and Taiwan, and opened its first U.S. store in San Francisco in April 2015. At the JINS Union Square store, customers receive their prescription eyewear in less than 30 minutes thanks to the flagship store’s onsite lens-edging robot, KANNA. JINS has over 1,200 styles all designed in Tokyo starting at $60 with lenses included. Beginning in December 2015, the Union Square store started offering 15-minute eye exams, which are provided by 20/20 NOW. In addition to prescription eyewear, JINS has JINS SCREEN glasses, which protect the eyes from digital eye strain by blocking blue light. Since the Japan launch of the same product in 2011, more than 6 million pairs have been sold.

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