JINS Eyewear Launches Newest Collection of Blue Light Glasses


JINS Eyewear, Japan’s largest eyewear brand by volume, announced today they’ve increased their selection of blue light blocking lenses to three different types, now available to customers. Each of the three JINS SCREEN computer glasses’ lenses are designed to alleviate digital eye strain and cater to individual customer needs. Regular JINS SCREEN lenses for everyday use, JINS SCREEN Pro for heavy screen time usage, and JINS SCREEN Night for night time only. JINS has already sold roughly 12 million pairs of JINS SCREEN in the US and Japan. 

JINS SCREEN Blue Light Glasses Giveaway to Families

In addition, to support families who are working from home remotely and kids having to do virtual online learning, JINS is creating a giveaway for parents and kids to have a chance to win one set of blue light glasses (1 for a parent, 1 for their kid) per day. Winners will be selected at random until supplies last. More details here.

3 Blue Light Lens Types, No Matter What the Need

Depending on a customers’ unique needs to protect their eyes, they’re able to freely choose from now three blue light lens types. Blue light is emitted from digital screens, such as smartphones and laptops, and long hours of blue light exposure may cause eye fatigue, disrupt circadian rhythm and may affect sleep quality. JINS SCREEN lenses reduce digital eye strain and relieve eye fatigue, as proven in the clinical study conducted by Keio University. 

Customers can add any of these three blue light lenses to any frame. Whether they use prescription or non-prescription glasses, customers can customize their order and add the blue light lenses to over 600 optical styles.

With JINS current limited time offer, customers can try out the JINS SCREEN regular blue light lenses for free. Usually these JINS SCREEN lens upgrades cost $60, but it’s $0, so this is the best offer. 

JINS SCREEN Pro for Heavy Screen Time Usage

The latest lens type available launched today is JINS SCREEN Pro. They have an increased block ratio of 40% and are recommended for those who tend to use digital screens for longer hours with heavy screen time. They come with a light green tint. Unlike the screen color changing to an unsightly yellow with “Night Mode”, wearing JINS SCREEN Pro blue light glasses will automatically adjust your brain so you can actually work without noticing any discoloration.

About JINS

JINS is a leader in crafting stylish, high-quality, and innovative Japanese eyewear with quality control that suits your style and budget. With reinventing the eyewear shopping experience, all of JINS’ premium quality lenses are included and come as aspheric, impact-resistant with UV cut and anti-glare coatings. JINS provides lenses that are high index (thin), regardless of the prescription. 

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