JINS Adds New Designer Michele De Lucchi to Design Project Collaboration


SAN FRANCISCO, November 29

JINS Eyewear announced a new world-renowned designer, Michele De Lucchi, added to the Design Project collaboration. Last month in October 2018, JINS introduced the Design Project that encompasses collaborations with the most influential designers around the world to design eyewear that showcases each designer’s core inspirations and unique ideas. The first collaborations were with industrial designers, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic.

Collaboration with Designer Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi is Italy’s leading architect. His work extends to multiple areas including important buildings and museums around the world and products for leading design companies. In 2018 he took on the role of chief editor of the Italian architecture design magazine “Domus.” For the collaboration with JINS, Michele conducted wide-ranging research into facial expressions and the history behind eyeglasses. Through his deep insight into the relationship between human personality and eyewear, he came up with the concept that “We are all designers of ourselves,” which became the title name of the collection.

Four Types of Glasses Inspired by a Unique Process

Growing up with his twin brother, he grew a beard to distinguish himself from his brother, and he began to feel that “one must create one’s own personality” and everyone is a designer of him or herself. In the same way, he believes eyeglasses are the most important detail in designing one’s self and how one wishes to appear to others. Michele created “We are all designers of ourselves” to embody the notion that one’s glasses is the link to “the future one wishes for.”

In working on the designs, Michele and his design team studied the history of eyeglasses and traced back to how the Wellington and Boston frames were designed. They analyzed and selected key design elements, reconstructed them and combined them in a matrix, producing 64 possible variations. They repeatedly made sample models by carving wood, similar to the way he does when designing architectural structures.

Collection Lineup

Based on such efforts, the final designs were derived from four typologies: Round, Polygonal, Boston and Cat-Eye. Silhouettes were slightly distorted and the thicknesses of the materials were altered to form the glasses. Michele and his design team used acetate, texture and color to refine and form the details. They adopted a variety of finishes, such as wood-grain patterns, laminated materials, clear, matte and gradational tones on each of the frames. Michele and the names of his design team were given to each of the four typologies for personality.

The product lineup consists of 4 shapes of eyeglasses in 4 different colors each resulting in 16 different products. All 16 varieties can be worn as just regular optical glasses.

Biography of Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi is Italy’s leading architect and industrial designer. He has been a protagonist of avant-garde architecture and design since the 1970s, and has designed furniture for the most well-known Italian and European companies. He realized architectural projects in Italy and abroad, including residential, industrial, corporate and cultural buildings. He has taken care of numerous art and design exhibitions and has planned buildings for museums. From 2004 he sculptured little wooden houses with chainsaw to create the essentiality of the architecture. Selections of his products are exhibited in the most important design museums in the world. In 2018 Michele De Lucchi became the editor in chief of the new “Domus” magazine.

Product Information

JINS x Michele De Lucchi Product Details
Collection Name: “We are all designers of ourselves.”
Fit: Adjustable
Line-up: 4 shapes, 4 colors, 16 product numbers
Price: $120


Colors: Birch, Black Hickory, Mocha Swirl, Moss

Michele DAVIDE

Colors: Black Obsidian, Blue Sapphire, Burning Fire, Milk Chocolate


Colors: Black Hickory, Blazed Fire, Gray Marble, Swamp Green

Michele MONICA

Colors: Black Obsidian, Blue Fern, Mocha Swirl, Red Blaze

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