JINS Adds Pride Case to Cases for Causes Collaboration


Japanese eyewear brand, JINS, announced a new addition to their Cases for Causes program today. The newest Pride Case supports the efforts of local organizations in San Francisco Bay Area and greater Los Angeles, who all share a common goal: to promote diversity and inclusivity that is inspired by the LGBTQ community.

The Pride Case has a rainbow design, which strongly resonates with JINS as a symbol of diversity, uniqueness, and inclusivity. It also further complements JINS having unique eyewear with an array of different colors, sizes, and styles for all.

JINS currently has three organizations as the pioneer organizations of the Pride Case program, namely: Frameline, Gender Spectrum, and Maven Youth.

  • Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema.  As a media arts nonprofit, Frameline’s programs provide critical funding for LGBTQ filmmakers, reach hundreds of thousands with globally distributed films, and inspire students nationwide.
  • Gender Spectrum’s mission is to create a gender-inclusive world for all children and youth. To accomplish this, they help families, organizations, and institutions increase understandings of gender and its evolving views.
  • Maven Youth hosts LGBTQ youth tech camps every summer where they aim to bridge the technology gap between LGBTQ youth and youth serving organizations, and transform the tech industry through consciousness raising and collaborative partnerships.

JINS is also encouraging other NPOs that promote diversity inspired by the LGBTQ community to apply to the Pride Case program. All donations from the Pride Case will go toward qualified organizations and their programs, after they complete an application process with JINS. For the application form, visit:

JINS helps customers see the world better, but they also would like to make the world a better place to see. That’s why JINS developed Cases for Causes. Whether it’s promoting cultural diversity in the city or protecting wildlife, each of the nonprofits empowered by this program is slowly changing the world. When customers buy a case for $5, all of the money collected goes directly to the charity.

About JINS

JINS is a Japanese eyewear brand founded in 2001. The brand has 491* retail store locations globally including 4 U.S. stores, and opening the 5th location in Del Amo Fashion Center in Los Angeles this summer. At JINS, customers can receive their prescription glasses in less than 30 minutes and select from over 1,200 styles all designed in Tokyo. Prices of frames start at $60, which include single-vision high index lenses and standard UV and anti-glare coatings.

*491 retail stores in Japan, China, Taiwan and the U.S. as of April 2018. For additional information, visit

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