JINS Brings the Future Eyewear Shopping Experience to Westfield Valley Fair on August 31, 2016

JINSValley Fair_Perspective1

Japanese eyewear brand, JINS, announced today plans to expand to Silicon Valley’s Westfield Valley Fair on August 31, 2016. This will be JINS’ third U.S. location, followed by its recent announcement to open in Westfield Santa Anita. JINS’ flagship store in Union Square, San Francisco opened in April 2015.


Delivering a Fast and Enjoyable In-store Experience

The Valley Fair store will provide 2,300 square feet of eyewear retail space and house 960 styles. Customers can receive their glasses in 30 minutes. They’ll also be able to get eye exams in 15 minutes, which will be provided by a third party conducting remote refraction tests. With the addition of the eye exams, customers will be able to take care of everything in one visit, making the in-store experience faster, accessible and enjoyable.


JINS SCREEN Helps Tech Experts in Silicon Valley

JINS expects JINS SCREEN to be a key product at Valley Fair. Launched in August 2015, JINS SCREEN glasses block the blue light emitted by electronic devices and reduce digital eye strain. Since the 2011 launch of JINS SCREEN in Japan, more than 6 million pairs have been sold worldwide. With Valley Fair’s proximity to Silicon Valley, JINS hopes to target consumers who are experiencing digital eye strain as a result of staring at screens for longer hours.


“Modern electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones are rich in blue wavelengths of light. Scientific research has shown that blue light affects sleep patterns, heart rate, and body temperature, and we are now finding that there may be a link to eye strain and fatigue as well. JINS SCREEN is key in reducing blue light exposure from electronic devices,” said Dr. Kahn, an ophthalmologist at New York University’s Langone Center.


About JINS

JINS is a Japanese eyewear company, which was founded in 2001. The brand has 350 retail locations in Asia, including Japan, China and Taiwan, and opened its first U.S. store in San Francisco in April 2015. At JINS, customers can receive their prescription eyewear in less than 30 minutes and select from over 1,000 styles all designed in Tokyo. The prices of frames start at $60 and include single-vision aspheric lenses and standard coatings. In addition, consumers with a strong prescription will automatically receive a free upgrade to thinner lenses. Beginning in December 2015, the flagship store in Union Square store started offering 15-minute eye exams, which are provided by tele-optometry service, 20/20 NOW.


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