A game-changer for the retail eyewewar industry!


JINS Eyewear announced today that it has introduced the first health insurance platform for out-of-network eligibility and claims. Customers can now check their benefits at the JINS stores, apply their out-of-network claims and receive instant reimbursement. As the ease of using vision insurance becomes vital when shopping for glasses, customers can now enjoy a hassle-free experience at JINS.

With this platform, JINS can help customers check and file for out-of-network benefits for the majority of vision insurances. Customers simply need to complete an in-app claim form in-store and they can apply their out-of-network benefits and receive reimbursement checks in the mail thereafter. Depending on the insurance company, they can even receive an instant discount at checkout which especially ensures a customer is at ease when purchasing glasses. Forget the traditional ways of submitting insurance claims — no more paperwork, nor printing or mailing forms.

It’s quite common for customers to be unaware of even having out-of-network vision insurance perks. Another pain point is they typically don’t know how much money they have in their plan to begin with. JINS feels it’s important that customers can instantly check and understand what their benefits are in-store and receive reimbursement.

JINS is excited about this new platform because it makes customers’ eyewear shopping experience more efficient, hassle-free and enjoyable. “We are thrilled to know customers can take control of their out-of-network benefits and receive instant discount on their glasses. They can now have fun shopping for glasses without worrying about processing insurance claims,” says Vice President Ryosuke Kimura who has been working on launching this platform this year.

Starting today, customers can check their insurance benefits and receive reimbursement in all 4 stores at the flagship store in San Francisco and the three Westfield shopping centers at Valley Fair, San Jose and Santa Anita and Fashion Square in Los Angeles.

About JINS
JINS is a Japanese eyewear company, which was founded in 2001. The brand has 452* retail locations globally including 4 U.S. store locations. At JINS, customers can receive their prescription eyewear in less than 30 minutes and select from over 1,200 styles all designed in Tokyo. Prices of frames start at $60, which include single-vision high-index lenses and standard UV and anti-glare coatings.

*452 retail locations as of September 2017.

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